Our Work

Project One
We were called to this property in the crown estate in Regents Park. 11 sash windows at the property were in need of restoration and repair. The key problems for the customer were that the top sashes were painted shut, the windows were losing considerable amounts of heat through draughts all around the window and the sashes rattled in the wind.

On closer inspection there were some other minor issues because the shoulders of the hunched mortice and tenon joints to the bottom sash had opened and were loose and gaps between the stone threshold and the timber window sill had appeared allowing water penetration.

The solutions were relatively easy as we carried out our sash window restoration service, which includes introducing our unique draught proofing system. Epoxy resins from "Repair Care International" were used ensuring a permanent repair. The sealing and strengthening of the joints stops future moisture intake which in turn ensures the conservation of the windows.

Project Two
After receiving the order to restore several sash windows to a grade 2 listed building in London´s West End we set about machining and profiling the timbers needed for the repair works. The window sills were in Oak and the other timber members were in Douglas Fir.

It was very important to carry out the necessary repair works using traditional joinery methods, ensuring that the sash window was reconstructed exactly the same as when the window was
made even down to the wedging of the new lower sections of pulley stiles.

Other small repairs consisted of closing the gaps to both sashes and removal of any loose putty.

We then sanded and primed the glazing rebates ready for re-puttying using a system putty.

These minor repairs are essential for the preservation of any sash window, this eradicates moisture intake which is one of the most common causes of wood decay.

Project Three
After receiving a phone call from a very prestigious organisation in Central London, we were delighted to be asked to carry out a site survey and then get the contract to overhaul the sash windows at their Head Office. We carried out the detailed survey taking into account the issues the clients and members of staff had with the day to day workings of these beautiful windows.

Our survey showed that the sash windows to the property were structurally perfect they only needed small conservation repairs to stop any future risks of wood decay and water ingress. Most of the windows had broken sash cords, were painted shut and were incorrectly balanced so all that was needed was a general overhaul and upgrade with our draught proofing system.

The clients were happy with our solutions and also happy to hear that a discrete permanent draught proofing system could be machined into the windows.

There was one another issue with the windows that the client asked about because they had never been able to open and close the top sashes. On assessment this was mainly due to the large size of the windows. The meeting rails could not be reached to pull down and open the top sash so we fitted the "Meakins Pulley System" to the windows. This allows the top sashes to be opened by way of pulling on wooden handles to open the top sash and then pulling another two to close the top sash. This solution worked perfectly for this situation and after fitting more than met the client´s expectations.

For a sash window to work to its full potential it should be possible to open the top and bottom sashes. This gives a circulation of air, allowing the warm air, which rises to the ceiling, to escape through the open top sash and the outside cooler air to come in through the open bottom sash.