Why we should keep traditional sash windows

Taking a stroll around your neighbourhood, or the place that you aspire to live, can be a pretty revealing experience. Whether you live or work in an area jostling with Georgian houses, crammed with cosy cottages or are vying for the Victorian variety, some homes and buildings seem to have more 'kerb appeal' than others.

In some cases it might come down to the overall general care and attention lavished on a property. But more often than not, homes and buildings which stand out from the crowd have one particular thing in common - the 'right' traditional sash windows.

Ripping out original Sash Windows from old homes and buildings is like destroying their souls. Not only do you lose period character and charm, you also run the risk of upsetting their overall visual balance. What's more, you could even de-value your property.

If you're considering succumbing to the sales pitch of the UPVC sales representative, or are living with traditional sash windows which you deem to be less than perfect, it's time to take stock of your options.

The good news is that repair, restoration and renovation of traditional sash windows is the most sympathetic, cost effective and environmentally sound solution. With the right professional help, 'healing' your sash windows will reveal their original splendor. It also means they will also last for many more generations to come.

By preserving these original features, you will also be preserving a piece of history. It's worth remembering that traditional joinery from years gone by still boasts seasoned timber of the highest quality. The work of the craftsmen who created these gems in the first place was also second to none.

On top of this, repair methods have also improved, so that they are now in line with the traditional joinery approach of our forefathers. Add to that the benefits of in-situ repairs and modern science and there is now a one stop shop for repair, restoration and renovation. All this means that even wood decay can be overcome with the minimum of disruption.

And for those of us who prefer our period properties to be warm and toasty, the latest draught proofing systems can help to overcome the plight of even the breeziest box or bay. Not only will this cost less than replacing your windows, it will help to eliminate unwanted draughts and noise as well as reducing rattles, wobbles and fuel bills.

Of course you should be warned that you will fall in love with your property all over again. But by becoming an 'angel of architecture', that is something that you can no doubt live with!