Frequently Asked Questions

Question One

Will scaffolding be needed to carry out the works?
In nearly all cases scaffolding will not be need. Traditional sash windows our fitted into brick reveals from inside the property. When restoring sash windows they are also dismantled from inside the property by removing the staff beads and parting beads around the window.

Question Two

Both sashes to my window are stuck - were they meant to open?
Normally both sashes of a sash window are meant to open. In some designs of Bay windows and Venetian windows the side sections are fixed but if you can see pulley wheels to the top of the pulley stile then the window was designed to be opened.

Question Three

How long is your lead time?
Bookings vary depending the time of year. We will be happy to advise you on an accurate lead time when you contact us or when one of our experienced carpenters comes to your home to carry out a free site survey.

Question Four

How long does the process take?
Normally one specialist can carry out our restoration and repair services to one or two windows per day It really all depends on how extensive the repairs need to be. For example, if the window sill and lower section of the pulley stiles and outer lining have decayed, then one craftsman would only be able to restore one window per day.